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Best US spy suggests Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq symbolize larger terrorist danger than Afghanistan

Terror threats emanating from Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq — in distinct ISIS — pose a larger threat than people that may arise from Afghanistan, Director of Countrywide Intelligence Avril Haines explained to the once-a-year Intelligence and Countrywide Safety Summit.

“In phrases of the homeland, the danger proper now from terrorist teams, we never prioritize at the top rated of the checklist Afghanistan,” she mentioned, talking by videoconference. “What we appear at is Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Iraq for ISIS. That is wherever we see the best danger.”

Officers have mentioned publicly that the Islamic State’s department in Afghanistan, ISIS-K, does pose a possible danger to the United States. The team staged a suicide bombing on August 26, in the midst of the American evacuation from Kabul, that killed thirteen US services users and dozens of Afghans.

Haines mentioned that a principal target for the intelligence neighborhood now is checking “any feasible reconstitution of terrorist corporations” in Afghanistan.

ISIS nonetheless operates in Syria and Iraq, while the team has been tamped down by the US navy existence in each international locations. In Yemen, an al Qaeda offshoot dependent there has tried assaults on the United States. And in Somalia, the US has on a regular basis executed counterterrorism strikes versus Al-Shabaab, which in early 2020 released an assault on a US facility in Kenya that killed a US soldier and two US contractors.

But twenty several years just after the September eleven, 2001, terrorist assaults, Haines also argued that the danger to the US homeland from worldwide terrorist teams has broadly “diminished above time,” crediting “huge exertion” from throughout the US govt to degrade the capacity of teams like al Qaeda and ISIS to have out assaults within the United States.

CNN has earlier noted that it has develop into infinitely more durable for the US intelligence neighborhood and navy to get information and facts desired to have out counterterrorism strikes versus ISIS and other targets within Afghanistan devoid of US troops on the floor.

The Biden administration and navy commanders have insisted that they have what the navy phrases “above the horizon” abilities — the capacity to perform surveillance and have out counterterrorism strikes from afar — that they will need to uncover and avoid terrorist arranging in Afghanistan. But previous officers, lawmakers and many others have elevated uncertainties about the administration’s prepare, declaring they have noticed handful of specifics to assist it.

Haines mentioned Monday that the intelligence neighborhood is creating “indicators so that we can recognize what are the items that we would be possible to see in the celebration that there have been reconstitution” of terror teams in Afghanistan.

That signifies making certain that “we have ample assortment to watch versus people indicators, so that we can supply a warning to the plan neighborhood, to the operators, so that they are in a position to acquire motion in the celebration that we do see that,” she mentioned.



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