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Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death to go black with Windows 11

American tech giant Microsoft will be altering its well-known Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to a black a single in its upcoming Windows 11 operating technique. According to The Verge, the application giant began testing its new design and style modifications in a Windows 11 preview earlier this week, but the Black Screen of Death is not totally enabled however. This new switch for Windows 11, is in pace with the new black logon and shutdown screens.

It really is the 1st significant modify to the BSOD due to the fact Microsoft added a sad face to the screen in Windows eight in 2012, and QR codes in 2016. Microsoft 1st introduced the BSOD in Windows three., supplying a way for IT experts and assistance personnel to diagnose hardware and memory faults.

A BSOD is Windows’ personal kernel error or bug verify, and it normally incorporates a dump of information that can enable technique administrators analyse what technique fault brought on the blue screen.

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Although Microsoft will be switching to a Black Screen of Death in Windows 11, the screen is identical to the a single discovered in Windows ten otherwise. The sad face remains, as does the cease code and crash dump. The present preview of Windows 11 incorporates a green BSOD, a colour that Microsoft has been utilizing for Windows Insider builds due to the fact 2016.

It really is not completely clear as to why Microsoft is altering the colour from blue to black, and the business is not commenting on the modify however.

Nonetheless, as per The Verge, there are some theories. Microsoft is overhauling lots of components of Windows 11, with a fresh strategy to the OS. It really is most likely simply because Windows 11 incorporates a visual overhaul to modernise the OS in crucial places, which includes classic components like the Begin menu, File Explorer, and now even the BSOD. 



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