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Pakistan’s pace of Covid-19 vaccination remains ‘very slow’ – Occasions of India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has vaccinated about 5 per cent of its total population and ten per cent of these eligible with at least a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. However, it nevertheless remains a single of the low-ranked nations exactly where the pace of vaccination remains extremely slow.
According to Dawn, the information of federating units show that 35 per cent of the eligible population have been vaccinated in Islamabad whereas only three per cent of persons opted for vaccination in the Balochistan province.
Authorities think that lack of education, misconceptions, vaccine hesitancy and propaganda had been the factors behind the slow pace of vaccination. A majority of persons wanted to get inoculated close to their residences and extended waiting time has kept them away.
Meanwhile, 25 per cent of the worldwide population has been vaccinated, such as 40 per cent in Turkey, 50 per cent in the United States and 65 per cent in Israel and the United Kingdom getting at least a single shot.
According to documents readily available with Dawn, there are more than 125 million persons (more than 18 years of age) eligible for vaccination in Pakistan. So far, more than 20.9 million persons have registered themselves for vaccination in the nation.
More than two million persons have been completely vaccinated in Punjab, a single million in Sindh, 460,000 in Khyber P, 200,000 in Islamabad, 150,000 in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and more than 60,000 every in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan.
Microbiologist Professor Dr Javed Usman, whilst speaking to Dawn, agreed that there was far more reluctance in Pakistan against vaccination.
“Majority of persons answered that they will get sick, their DNA will be changed, they will contract Covid-19. 1 of the female post-graduate students, who performed survey of graduate females, told me that majority of females mentioned that vaccine will develop into cause of infertility and other people mentioned that they can die due to vaccine,” he mentioned.
Vice-Chancellor of University of Overall health Sciences Dr Javed Akram mentioned that education level and vaccine hesitancy had been the important concerns of Pakistan.
According to the information of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), 40 deaths and 1,037 new circumstances had been reported on Thursday. There had been 31,767 active circumstances, whilst two,102 individuals had been admitted to hospitals.



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