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Ubisoft Personnel Say CEO Yves Guillemot “Sidelined” Demands In Activision Blizzard Open Letter

Earlier this week, more than one particular thousand Ubisoft workers, each present and former, penned an open letter to executives, such as CEO Yves Guillemot, demanding adjust in relation to workplace abuse allegations. The open letter was also drawn up in assistance of the Activision Blizzard walkout that occurred earlier this week in protest of a comparable problem immediately after facts of an ongoing lawsuit against the organization had been produced public. Now, the group behind the letter says that in spite of public statements becoming produced by leadership, the reported behavior behind the scenes does not match what is becoming stated on the surface. 

Following the open letter to leadership, Guillemot responded with an internal e-mail to all Ubisoft employees. Game Informer was in a position to confirm the contents of the letter, very first shared by Axios’ Stephen Totilo. The most current e-mail, a lot like preceding statements against the allegations of sexual misconduct and workplace abuse, claims to be functioning towards generating Ubisoft a greater atmosphere to be in and has “produced significant progress more than the year.” It also talked about how meaningful adjust requires time, but preceding reports earlier this Summer time allege that absolutely nothing has been accomplished save the very first wave of public firings of higher-level executives and one particular member of HR. 

The initial e-mail from Guillemot also integrated plans to continue investigating the matters at hand in Q3 and will share an “HR roadmap” throughout that time. Shortly immediately after the internal e-mail went public, the group that organized the very first open letter told that the demands of the initial correspondence had been “sidelined” and that only “a couple of” points in their expressed memo had been even addressed. “We are conscious that the organization has produced some improvements, and we are content to hear that Yves and the leadership group agree that it is not adequate,” a Ubisoft employee told the website in relation to the letter. “Nonetheless, Ubisoft continues to safeguard and market identified offenders and their allies. We see management continuing to prevent this problem. It is also worth clarifying that an invitation to attain out to organization management personally is not the exact same as possessing a collective seat at the table.”

It was stated that the group hopes that the rest of the demands and points produced are addressed in a “complete response,” calling for an sector-wide work to combat what is becoming an apparent widespread problem. This group reiterated the goal of seeing “genuine, basic adjust” not only at Ubisoft but everywhere in the gaming sector. For this to take place, sincere conversations require to be had, and leadership not involved in the alleged discrimination and misconduct requirements to step up and swiftly act to appropriate these internal concerns. This involves toxic workplace culture that is detailed in the “cubicle crawls” detailed in the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, it involves spend discrimination primarily based on gender. The facts alleged in the lawsuit show a reported raise in negligence and dangerous behavior against ladies of colour, in specific.

The statement from the Ubisoft group pushing for adjust ended, saying: “It is exhausting, frustrating, and it counters the messaging they give us. We can’t be content or happy with this hypocrisy. For the one particular particular person who signed, there are numerous other folks who merely had been also terrified. Do greater or retain losing superior folks.”



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